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Gift Basket Assembly

Before You Begin:

It is wise to have gift basket supplies on hand. Buying baskets / containers all year round as you come across unique containers that catch your eye ensures you don't have to go hunting for a basket each time you need to put together a gift basket.

Other supplies to have on hand are: generic gifts to fill the basket with (kind of like stocking stuffers), filler, wrap, ribbons and bows, adornments, and enclosure cards. See Gift Basket Supplies page for more info.

Gift Basket Assembly Instructions

Fill the bottom of the basket or container with filler such as crumpled up or shredded tissue paper to raise the base on which you will place your gifts.

Place your items on top of the filler and fill in the bare spaces with more filler. Place the tallest item near the center.Place the other items around it, from the next tallest to the shortest - facing the outer edge of the basket.

The basket should look balanced from all angles, especially if it to be used as a centerpiece

Alternately, the smaller items can be placed at the front and taller items at the back so the gift basket actually has a front and back. This method is usually simpler.

Adequate filler is required to keep items in place. You may have to anchor certain objects with skewers, double sided tape, or glue dots, If necessary, a piece of styrofoam may be glued to the bottom or side of the basket to anchor objects to.

The gift basket is usually wrapped to help keep the contents in place and/or to protect the contents from moisture. It also stops people from handling the items in the basket.

Cellophane is often used to wrap gift baskets. Cellophane bags are popular. Place the gift basket inside the bag. Gather at the top and tie with a ribbon. Add a bow.

Shrink wrap and shrink bags are commonly used. Place the shrink bag over the gift basket and gather the excess wrap underneath the basket. With a heat gun or blow dryer, apply heat. Upon cooling, the wrap shrinks and forms a tight seal. Start at the bottom of the basket. Move the heat gun or blow dryer back and forth. Do the Handle next, if there is one. Then finish with shrinking the wrap in-between.

If you are not worried about protecting the gift from moisture, tulle (a sheer netting) is a nice gift basket wrap.

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