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Specialty Gift Baskets:

Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets are often made of wicker or wood. They may be natural or spray painted in any color. Festive colors such as red, green, metallic gold or metallic silver are popular. Some people prefer the natural look of unpainted wood or wicker.

Christmas baskets may be shaped like sleighs, stars, or any shape representative of the holiday season. Holiday baskets are often adorned with pine branches, pinecones, poinsettias, holy, pine-scented candles, Christmas tree decorations, bows, etc.

Christmas Snowman Theme Basket

Christmas Sleigh Basket

For rustic Christmas gift baskets, there are containers made from natural wood in the form of log cabins, sleighs, treasure chests, etc. The rustic Christmas gift basket may contain pinecones, lightly sprayed with 'snow' and a pine fragrance. In any Christmas gift basket, greenery in the form of pine needles or ivy and red poinsettias helps set the holiday mood.

If you know the color and style that would go with the recipient's decor, a homemade Christmas gift basket can make a nice centerpiece.

Decorative and Festive and Full of Goodies

Over the holiday season most people give themselves permission to indulge in treats. The majority of Christmas gift baskets contain gourmet foods, such as specialty crackers, cheeses, pretzels, pate, smoked salmon, specialty tea or coffee, eggnog mix, cookies, candies, popcorn and chocolate.

Christmas Gourmet Basket

Traditional Christmas cookies are all-time favorites - gingerbread cookies, shortbread cookies and sugar cookies. The basket may contain gourmet flavored candy canes or traditional red-and-white striped peppermint flavored candy canes.

Add a Christmas CD to the basket - if you are giving the gift before Christmas so that there is time to enjoy holiday music.

If you are looking for gifts that do not revolve around food, a spa gift basket with a holiday theme is an option. Baskets with book or movie themes are also favorites. People who enjoy making crafts may want to fill their gift baskets with their crafts.

Christmas Green Basket

For the person who has everything, give a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa, or anything the recipient would enjoy but normally wouldn't splurge on. If you are on a budget, print out your own coupon for dinner or babysitting.

Just one unique gift is enough - a keepsake plush toy, music box or Christmas decoration that portrays the joy and fun of the season - placed amongst other popular holiday items used to fill the basket.

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