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Specialty Gift Baskets:

Gift Container Ideas

Not All Gift Baskets are Baskets. The actual gift basket can be a very creative basket or container.

toy truck container with bear

For example:

A top hat shaped ice bucket may be used as a container for an anniversary gift.

A baby shower gift basket may be shaped like a baby buggy or bassinet.

A Mother's day gift container may be a keepsake hatbox.


The gift basket or container is often reflective of its contents.

Gifts with fruit themes or garden themes may be arranged in a wooden crate.

Wine and cheese items may be stacked on a cheese board.

Gourmet coffees or specialty teas may be placed in a burlap gift sack, etc.

The traditional wicker gift basket is popular and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Other gift containers ideas are decorative boxes shaped like treasure chests, cars, wagons. Many gift baskets or containers can be used later for other purposes.

watering can gift basket

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