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Specialty Gift Baskets:

Cookie Gift Baskets

Gift baskets with the cookies as the main focus are gaining popularity.

They can be displayed in many ways. Cookies may be baked on sticks and arranged to resemble a flower bouquet and may be wrapped in colorful cellophane.

A variety of gift containers such as decorative watering cans, ceramic flower pots, or fancy tins may be used.

Cookie 'roses' on a stem in a crystal vase make a nice Valentine day gift idea.

Cookies Basket

Cookies can also enhance the versatility of any gift basket. Shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, and gingerbread men are traditional cookies found in Christmas gift baskets. Chocolate chip cookies are an all-time favorite for any occasion.

Kids and adults alike enjoy cookie gift baskets. Children like hot chocolate and teddy bears in their cookie gift baskets. Adults often appreciate gourmet coffee or specialty tea added to theirs.

Cookie gift baskets are also popular in the corporate sector. During break time fresh baked cookies can be shared.

The company logo can be incorporated into the gift container or the company logo may be on a mug that is added to the basket.

A cookie gift basket generally stay fresh for one to two weeks, so make sure you choose a shipping method that will get it to the recipient within two or three days (although it will most likely be devoured within one day).

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