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Plant / Flower Gift Baskets

Flowers and plants are popular gifts for almost any occasion.

Most people prefer live plants, but there are those who would rather have an everlasting, maintenance-free, artificial plant. There are many types of plants to choose from - potted flowers, herbs, dwarfed shrubs and bouquets of fresh cut flowers.

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Live Bouquets: Bouquets of fresh cut flowers have wonderful fragrances that can’t be beat. A fresh bouquet makes a beautiful accent piece or centerpiece. A fresh cut bouquet is a real ‘pamper’ gift when given for a birthday, Mother’s Day or a romantic occasion. They may also be sent as congratulations or sympathy gifts.

How to Extend the Life of Fresh-Cut Flowers:

Cut stems on an angle. This way they won’t sit flat on the bottom of the vase, which would prevent water from flowing freely up the stems.

Cut stems under water. This is to prevent an air bubble from entering the stem and blocking water from flowing up the stem.

Cut the leaves from the part of the stems that will be submerged under water. This helps prevent decay.

Do not use extremely cold water that could shock the flowers– use cool water.

Change water and add cut flower food a couple of times per week.

Potted Plants:

From flowers to miniature shrubs to herbs, there are plants to suit different needs and tastes. Potted plants are popular housewarming gifts and Mother's Day gifts and they will delight a plant lover on any occasion.

Bonsai plants (dwarfed, ornamentally shaped trees or shrubs) - Some have been hand pruned for several years. These plants are often grown in trays. There is a variety to choose from.

Herb Garden - Decorate a kitchen windowsill with an herb garden. Popular herbs are - Aloe Vera to soothe mild burns; chamomile used to make a soothing tea; lavender for its wonderful, soothing scent, herbs used in cooking such as rosemary, thyme, Italian parsley, oregano, mint, sage, chives or golden thyme, dill, marjoram, etc.

Flowers - Fragrant and colorful, potted flowers are popular gifts. Favorite flowers are: Lily-of-the-Valley, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, sunflowers, orchids, roses, violets, and poinsettias. Miniature Rose bush is popular; they come in a variety of colors - they can be transferred outdoors, climate permitting. Many Live flowering plants bloom continuously.

Health benefits of live indoor plants:

Indoor plants absorb air pollutants, release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins, stabilize indoor humidity and reduce static electricity. Natural surroundings also help people to relax and energize. Many plants, especially those with flowers, have beautiful scents. Favorites flower scents are roses, lilacs, hyacinths, carnation, freesia, lily of the valley, and sweet pea.

Some potted plants can be placed outdoors or planted in an outdoor location.

Everlasting (Artificial) Plants:

Faux / silk plants are non-allergenic and everlasting. Some live plants are toxic if eaten – and may be a problem around small children and pets. With an artificial plant, there are no worries about proper lighting, temperature, or watering.

Though many people prefer live plants, a faux plant is better than an unhealthy live plant. Realistic looking faux plants are available. They can be moved to different locations as the light and climate conditions do not matter. A faux plant is a maintenance free gift that will last for years.

Topiaries are popular, as are bouquets and life-like potted plants.

Plant containers come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. Wicker, metal, terra cotta and ceramic pots and planters are all popular. They may be decorative. There are embossed ceramic pots and hand-painted planters. Plant containers may also be in the form of pitchers, teapots or vases.

*A sachet of lavender or rose can be added to the basket to add scent.

The Best of Both – A mixture of live and faux plants:

Some gift baskets combine live and faux plants, e.g. an easy-to-care-for live plant to provide greenery and all the benefits of a live plant with a few everlasting faux flowers that will never fade or wilt added.

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