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Specialty Gift Baskets:

Gift Basket Supplies

Having basic supplies on hand helps ensure the process of creating gift baskets goes smoothly. If you make many gift baskets, buy supplies in bulk to get wholesale prices. There is much too choose from online, at craft stores and major department stores.

The Basics

(Baskets, Boxes, Tins, Bags, Crates)

Collect gift baskets and containers of various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Wicker baskets, wood baskets, wood crates, metal tins, wire baskets, plastic pails, photo boxes. The bigger the supply of gift containers you have on hand, the more likely you will find one that is a good match for the items to be placed inside.

(If you do not have any baskets on hand, pick out the gift basket or gift container last) Once you've selected the items for the gift basket you will know what size and color will be suitable.

Gift Baskets may be made of wicker, wood, wire, plastic, or other material. They may have handles or lids. A variety of sizes, shapes, and colors are available.

Gift boxes come in several shapes, sized, colors, prints, styles. Some have handles. Gift boxes are usually made of cardboard but may be made of wood. Nested Gift Boxes (smaller boxes fit inside larger boxes) usually come in sets of three. Nestled gift boxes are used for making gift towers - stacking smaller boxes on larger boxes.

Gift Bags can be flat or glossy paper gift bags, stiff plastic bags, metallic bags, or muslin bags. Muslin bags are have a natural look and popular for spring birthdays, Easter, and Mothers Day.

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(Tissue Paper, Shreds, Straw)

Tissue paper is common filler. It comes in sheets and in several colors. Crumpled up tissue paper stuffed in the bottom of the basket acts as a base for the gift items (elevates the gifts) and is used to fill in the space between the presents to prevent them from rolling around.

You can also use crumpled up newspaper in the bottom of the basket - the ink can rub off so use caution. This can be covered with a thin layer of shredded paper.

Shredded paper is often used as basket filler. How finely it is shredded varies. There are cellophane shreds, tissue paper shreds, heavier paper shreds. There are even wood shreds. Colored grass (often seen in Easter baskets) is very finely shredded cellophane or paper. There are many colors to choose from. Shreds also come in crinkle cut and may have some metallic shreds mixed in. Metallic shreds are popular in birthday gift baskets.

Straw: is well-suited filler for rustic themes. Fabric can also be used as filler - a receiving blanket in a baby gift basket, tea towels or place mats in a housewarming gift basket.

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(Cellophane, Shrink Wrap, Tulle Netting)

Cellophane is commonly used as gift basket wrap. This transparent paper-like film protects from contents from moisture. Made sure it's FDA approved for food use (if using for food baskets) Cellophane may be purchased in rolls, sheets, or cellophane bags. It comes in clear or transparent colors, and a huge assortment of prints are available - holiday prints, flower prints, theme prints, etc. Cellophane rolls and bags come in a variety of sizes. Bottle bags good for wine.

Shrink-wrap is transparent plastic film that is used to wrap the gift basket, and then shrunk using the heat of a blow dryer or heat gun- the wrap shrinks upon cooling to form a tight-fitting seal. This helps hold the items in place. Shrink-wrap comes in different tints but clear shrink-wrap is common. Shrink-wrap bags are also available.

Tulle netting:
Tulle netting (Sheer fine netting often seen in veils) can be used in place of shrink-wrap or cellophane to wrap the basket. It can be purchased in craft or material stores or online and comes in economical rolls and many colors. Tulle netting is often used to wrap wedding gifts, baby gifts and romantic gifts.

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There is a wide assortment of ribbons and bows to choose from - different textures, colors, prints, and sizes. There is sheer ribbon, metallic ribbon and fabric ribbon - polyester, cotton. Satin ribbon is popular, as is curly ribbon. Raffia Ribbon for a natural look goes well with straw filler for a rustic look. Ribbon with a wired edge holds its shape.

Have a variety of bows and ribbons on hand. Pull bows are popular - just pull on two ribbons to create an instant bow. The bows are supplied flat so are easy to store without damaging the bow.

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Enclosure cards are typically 3 ½ x 2 inches sized cards that come with envelopes to attach to your gift basket. Choose from birthday, Christmas, thank you, get well, and blank cards. Buying blank cards in bulk is cost effective.

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Items in the gift basket can be individually wrapped. This is optional. Certain items can be wrapped and others left unwrapped. This way the surprise isn't over as soon as the basket is received. Most people, especially children, like having some gifts to unwrap.

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Ivy (silk) can be wrapped around a handle of a wicker basket, and looks nice intertwined between the items. For the Christmas basket, a Christmas tree ornament can be attached to the handle.
Paint on a design using a stencil to further decorate the gift basket. Use a twist tie to attach a baby rattle to the handle of baby gift basket.

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Generic gift items to have on hand include:

Of course you can't store fresh fruit or fresh baked goods but most prepackaged foods can be stored for many months: chocolate and candy, dried fruits, wine, jams or jellies, condiments, spices, packaged cookies, nuts, specialty tea or coffee, hot chocolate

Miscellaneous Basket Stuffers:
Basket stuffers include scented candles, hand crafted soaps, picture frames, plush animals, note books, mugs, balloons, unique bookmarks, potpourri sachets, etc. Other popular items are spa products, teddy bears, unique ornaments, etc.

Generic gift basket items for young children include washable markers and paints, coloring books, small puzzles, yo-yos, stickers, silly putty, mini play dough, kaleidoscopes, spinning tops, playing cards, decorative pencils, pencil toppers, bubbles with bubble wand, small bouncy balls, temporary body tattoos, etc.

Personal gift items: Keep a list of people you buy for - you may find the perfect gift when you least expect it. Just one unique gift is often enough; add other items appropriate for the holiday or special occasion to fill the basket.

Having a variety of supplies on hand will help make it fun. Stocking up on gift basket supplies can save you time and money.

The bigger the variety of basket supplies you have to work with, the more creative you can be.

For more detailed information and ideas on how to make your own gift basket, see:

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